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Isn't the world just one big question?

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A few months back I got this idea out of the back of the Amber Diceless RPG to come up with questions to help define my characters for a novel I'm trying to write. Just things that help describe the character and make me, as their creator, feel like I know them a little bit better.

A week or two ago, sunnysusan12 was looking at ways to hammer out characterization for her novel, so I figured this might help her, as well as others on this list, so that maybe we aren't all doing the same bookwork over and over.

I came up with 20 questions. You can answer as many as you like for your characters. I posed them in first person from the character's point of view so it's easier to answer with "I do such-and-such." Could be used just to get your creative juices flowing or they could be the start of a larger character sketch. Anyway, enjoy ^__^.

  • Where do I go to think? Why? Is the place comforting, away from distractions or among many people to fill me with ideas?
  • If given time and opportunity, what would I read? What book do I read on a daily basis? Why are they different/the same?
  • At what point will I betray a friend? How will I feel about him afterwards? How will I feel about myself?
  • What makes a cause worth championing?
  • If I found a piece of information that could be either damning or vitally important -- but it is not readily apparent which it is -- do I tell others or keep it to myself?
  • What one thing above all else would cause someone to lose respect in my eyes? Why? How would I feel if I did this thing to another person?
  • What landform, weather pattern, or natural phenomenon do I associate myself with? Why?
  • What makes a person worth trusting? Can many smaller actions constitue the same result?
  • What weapons do I prefer in combat? Why? Will the weapon change depending on the circumstances? What circumstances?
  • What one thing do I do very well? Am I confident in my abilities at this task? If not, what about myself do I feel confidence in? If so, what other abilities am I confident in?
  • What does my voice sound like?
  • What about me could cause others to dislike me?
  • What would I describe as my perfect death?
  • How would my father describe me? How would my mother? Why would the two be different?
  • What item is more precious to me than any other? Why? Where is it kept?
  • Do I sleep well? Are there places or conditions in which I sleep better than others? Why?
  • What emotions do I express in public? Why? With friends? What do I not share with anyone? Why?
  • What would provoke me to kill? How would I feel about myself and the dead man afterwards?
  • Describe my average day.

Not all of these questions are going to apply to all characters, obviously. But some of them are going to apply to most, if not all characters, because a lot of them are just specific to humanity. Non-human characters might take more thought ^__^.

If anybody has any feedback or questions they'd like to add to the list, I'd love to hear them!

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